Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair loss is primarily caused by genetics, though everyone may lose some hair due to age. Hair replacement surgery has made huge strides in recent years. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, hair replacement can restore the natural look to an otherwise bald person.

Hair replacement surgery uses the existing hair from the body. For this reason, a person with little hair is a poor candidate for hair replacement surgery as there is no source to pull the hair from.

During hair transplantation, the surgeon removes small pieces of grafts that has hair from the side or back of the head and replant them on the bald area. The procedure is often performed is the plastic surgeon’s office or an outpatient facility.

The most common problem with hair replacement surgery is patchy hair growth, where the hair grows in the new transplanted area patchy. Only a qualified plastic surgeon may avoid such result. The problem may only be avoided by a qualified plastic surgeon with experience. Additional surgery may be required to alleviate the problems of patchy hair growth.

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