Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery, the most common of all plastic surgery operations, is a procedure to reduce the size of the noe, enlarge it, correct a deviated septum, correct the angel of the nose, change the shape of the nose, change the shape or direction of the tip of the nose, or correct other conditions that may be genetics or injury inflicted. It is primarily used to reduce the size of the nose or to alleviate a breathing condition.

Nose surgery is not recommended for children or young adults who are still growing as subsequent growth may adversely affect the surgery.

Nose surgery is performed in an outpatient setting. The procedure may last 1 to 5 hours. In limited number of cases, minor follow up surgery may be needed to make further corrections. 

Complications are infrequent in a nose surgery especially when the surgery is performed by a competent plastic Surgeon. Complications such as nose bleeding, infections or other reactions are not unusual.

The most important aspect of a nose surgery is a decision as to what to do with the nose. A good plastic surgeon can direct the patient to create the right look for the patient. 

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